Friday, September 05, 2008

Who Ya Got?!?

Yeah the games this week kind of suck. When you're grab bagging NU vs Duke, you know the quality is lacking.

Me 3-3
Waldini 4-2
Realist 4-2

The U vs The Crocs

Waldini: Tebow needs to graduate and the Canes need a few more good recruiting seasons before I say they beat Florida. Florida

Gangsta D: Here's a little nuggett for the massess. Miami has just as much speed as Florida. I know it seems hard to believe, but it's true. Shannon and Myer recruit the exact same high schools. It's not like Miami's skill players are from Idaho and Florida's have Jamaican genes. Miami has talent, it's just unproven. But there's something about college football, where the unexpected can happen in a flash. Miami will pound the rock harder than Jay-Z and they will punish every Florida ball carrier. Of course, you weren't expecting me to pick Tebow over my 'Canes were you? Saturday night, we get back on the good foot.

Realist: UF at home? AND they stole Miami's swag??? I hope it's competitive and I hope Miami wins, but it won't happen this year. UF

BC vs GTech

Waldini: Both teams are middle of the pack ACC. Boston College

Gangsta D: I don't know. For some reason, I want Paul Johnson's offense to work at Tech. It's been the source of much derision since he was hired. I think Tech gets it done.

Realist: GTech is a tease every year. BC


Waldini: WVU aint Va Tech (I hope) West Virginia

Gangsta D: Pat White is throwing the ball? What in tarnation? ECU shut down Va Tech's offense last week, but the 'Eers are a bit more dynamic. We know Pat can run, but if he keeps slinging the ball around WVU is gonna be ruthless this year. 'Eers in a romp.

Realist: WVU


Waldini: I know nothing about either team besides the game being in Happy Valley. Penn St

Gangsta D: Penn State just suspended like half their team, or something like that. Nevertheless, the Beavers aren't going to fly across country and beat the Nittany Lions at State College. USC, they are not.

Realist: Penn St


Waldini: Coin flip, USF wins

Gangsta D: Ummm....yeah...I got nothing. USF

Realist: USF

NU vs Duke

Waldini: Do I really have to pick this Gangsta? Ok, after a shot of sake, it's Mike Wilbon's alma mater in a stinkfest. Northwestern

Gangsta D: Oh it's gonna be awesome BABY!! Can you believe what Cutcliffe is doing at Duke? He is a star! An absolute flat out coaching star. They're gonna be rocking and rolling BABY! Watch out America, the Duke Blue Devils are PTP'ers BABY!! Dipsy doo dunkaroo!Dingle Dangle Dunkelrpwoyrpqwuryepwruyweprvcxvckvbfdrtretgvjdfnrfd! I'm so excited I can't even understand myself!!!

Realist: Northwestern

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