Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Lee Van Cleef Chronicles - Week 1


The GOOD - Utah beating Michigan in Ann Arbor. USC's offense. Mizzou's offense. Gamecock's Defense. Julio Jones. Western Illinois almost pulling off a shocker in Arkansas. Pat White.

The BAD - Clemson losing badly on national stage and in a neutral site. Tenn choking in the Rose Bowl. OSU's Wells and Mizzou's Macklin (2 VIP for their teams) getting hurt. Big East's non-conference record. Miss St's loss at Louisiana Tech.

The UGLY - The Hokies choking at East Carolina. Texas A&M losing at home to Div 1-AA Arkansas St. Pitt losing to Bowling Green at home.

Vol commentary - The defense looked good, the offense looked bad, and special teams was a joke. You get 4 INTs in the first half and only turn that into 7 pts. Foster's fumble in the first half on a probable scoring drive hurt. But nothing hurt worst than watching Lincoln butcher kick after kick including a chip shot in OT. Crompton doesn't look comfortable at all. If this team wins 9 or more games, it will be a successful season. But that's a reach. They play Florida, Auburn, and Georgia back to back to back. Where's my Advil :-)

Gangsta D:

You sure Clemson doesn't belong in the "Ugly" category? That was pathetic. That was beyond pathetic. Jamie Harper starts the game at running back when you have Spiller & Davis? Are you serious? Bowden should've been fired after Harper fumbled:)


I was close to putting them there but I left them off b/c 'Bama was at least ranked. But I agree, don't know WTF was up w/Bowden starting Harper ahead of two NFL draft picks. He made Saban look like a genius....

Gangsta D:

Now everyone is gonna be overestimating Alabama. "Could Bama challenge for the Nat'l title this year?!?!?" Slow down like Brand Nubian. Let's take this week by week.

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