Friday, September 12, 2008

Who Ya Got?!?

G Tech vs Va Tech

Waldini: Wow talk about a role reversal game. G Tech's on a high after shocking BC, VT has been down in the dumps after being upset by the mighty East Carolina squad. I think Beamer has his boys up for this game, even though I lack faith in Glennon.....HOKIES

Gangsta D: The Flexbone baby! Paul Johnson is an unadulterated genius! OK, enough with the hyperbole. Neither one of these teams is an offensive juggernaut. Even with Tyrod Taylor jumping into the huddle, don't expect many fireworks from the Hokies. I expect this to be a 17-13 be won by the...Hokies.

Realist: VT

KU vs S Fl

Waldini: Mangini's like the Rick Majerus of College Football (hearty size appetite). Are the Jayhawks for real? Are they a flash in the pan team? Same questions apply to S Florida. They struggled against UCF, even though the year before, they smashed that team by 50. Gimme S FLORIDA since the game's at home.

Gangsta D: Mangini is unlike any other. Dude has his own orbit. Anyway, KU lost their DC from last year, as a Cane fan I just want to THANK YOU!! So, I don't know that the D will be as stout as it was last year. Going up against Grothe, their going to need a good defensive effort. I got the Bulls, cause they're at home.

Realist: KU


Waldini: I'm still steaming Smokey choked to UCLA. Their QB was horrible. Their offense was garbage. Let me stop. As a wise man said, winners win, losers lose. UCLA won. PERIOD. I don't know enough about BYU besides they won in UW with a bogus call. See above statement on Winners. who wins this? COUGARS

Gangsta D: UW is kind of a horrible team, save for Jake Locker, and they hung with the Cougars up until the refs did them dirty. Long story short, I'm not sold on BYU. Can the Bruins maintain that Neuheisel Magic, that seems to only last 2-3 years before deteriorating into a pit of something so foul not even Mike Rowe would stick his head into? Yes! I'm riding with the Golden Child.

Realist: UCLA

UGA vs S Cack

Waldini: Spurrier's going back in time with using two QBs this wknd. Prblm is these two aren't his Gator QBs. As much as the Gamecock's d is hyped up, they gave up almost 30 to Vanderbilt. Now they face Stafford and Moreno. BULLDAWGS
Gangsta D: Terry Dean's not walking through that door. Dawgs by A LOT!

Realist: UGA

UM vs Notre Dame

Waldini: Pitiful Bowl Part II. This time it's UM with all the question marks...FIGHTING IRISH. It's sad I rather watch KU vs S FL than watch this debacle.

Gangsta D: Even though RichRod doesn't have his type of athletes in Ann Arbor, I gotta think they're still good enough to beat the Domers. That performance against San Diego St was pathetic. If it weren't for another gaffe by the officials, they would've lost. It'll be a slugfest, heavy emphasis on slug, but the Maize and Blue pull it out.

Realist: UM


Waldini: I like how you added the 't' to emphasize THE Ohio State, yea yea we get it. Beanie Wells is hurt. He didn't play last week against the "mighty" bobcats and the buckeyes struggled. Men of Troy DESTROYED UVA and McKnight looked like vintage Reggie Bush. The game's in LA. You do the Math. MEN OF TROY

Gangsta D: Little known fact. My dad went to tOSU in the late 60's. That curries no favor with me. 'SC big. Like Jason Whitlock and Jamie Dukes big. It's gonna be a wrap.

Realist: tOSU

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