Monday, September 15, 2008

The Lee Van Cleef Cronicles - Week 3


So many games, another round of ranked teams getting upset, and a better indication of how some of the so-called top teams are. Enjoy the latest version of the good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good: Waldini goes 6-0 in the weekly picks, SEC having 5 teams in the top 5, Georgia's Defense, UNLV shocking Arizona St in Arizona, OU's offense, Mizzou's offense

The Bad: Purdue choking, Georgia's offense, Cal's performance against Maryland, Pac 10's record against the Moutain West last weekend.

The Ugly: Auburn-Miss St game, Ohio St's offense, Weis' tearing his ACL, UCLA's entire team (offense, defense, special teams)

Gangsta D:

Nobody cares about your picks punk!

The Auburn-Miss St game was maybe the worse football I've ever seen outside of a middle school game. Every coach involved should have to forfeit their game check.


Jealousy is an ugly emotion tric :-)

Sat night for college football was disappointing. Aub-Miss was boring, Oklahoma was blowing out Ace's team, and USC was toying with THE OSU. I ended up watching No Country for Old Men, then going out to a party.

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