Friday, September 19, 2008

Who Ya Got?!?


Me 9-9
Waldini 14-4
Realist 10-8

UF vs UT

Waldini: After watching the Miami-Florida game, I said to myself, you know Florida can be beat. Percy Harvin is banged up and Tebow is still running too much. That said, my Vols look bad. You can't intercept a QB 4 times and lose. And then the same team you lost to, took its' worst loss in school history a week later. This is the first in a brutal stretch (Fl, @AU, @GA). I'm picking TENN but only cuz they at home.

Gangsta D: Florida isn't unbeatable. Wow what a shock. Kind of surprising since the team lost four games last year, no? lol But, I don't know that the Vols can beat them. Playing them at home is a plus, and their safeties are crucial. But I hear Crompton's ankle isn't 100%, and the Vols offense wasn't exactly clicking when it was. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm going with the Gaytors.

Da Realist: I hope UT wins, but I pick the Gators


Waldini: Georgia's offense looked woeful last week against the Gaycocks. I don't know if it was as much as South Cack's D as it was Gawga missing half it's starting offensive line. On the flip side, Arizona St lost to UNLV at home. Plus Georgia's D is sic. GEORGIA

Gangsta D: This is the first time Georgia has been west since the 60's. I don't think you can totally discount long travel. But the Dawgs are too good. South Cack has a damn good defense, which is why UGA struggled last week. ASU doesn't match up, and the Dawgs pull away late.

Da Realist: UGA better win. They can't let some Pac-10 pantsy beat them can they? UGA


Waldini: This is another tough one. LSU hasn't really played anyone and I don't even know who are their supposed stars. Auburn played in one of the worst games I've witnessed in quite some time last week. LSU

Gangsta D: Auburn's offense is putrid. The "Spread Eagle" needs to hunted down and killed into extinction. Likewise, I couldn't tell you who is on LSU's squad, but I bet they score more than 2 points. Tigers in a rout.

Da Realist: Don't know what's happened to Auburn since but they look awful. LSU

Bama vs AR

Waldini: Did you know Arkansas was undefeated? Me neither. ALABAMA
Gangsta D: Supposedly the Razorbacks can pass this year. Unfortunately, they've almost been beaten by two 1-AA teams. After crucifying Clemson, Bama
has looked ordinary against substandard competition. Nevertheless, I'm going with Bama because Bobby Petrino might be an even bigger dick than Saban.

Da Realist: Bama

FSU vs Wake

Waldini: Florida St's ranked again, hooray! And who do they get this week? Prbly the best QB in the ACC in Mr Skinner. I don't think the Demon Deacons are as great as everyone makes them out to be. However, the ACC isn't exactly drumming out dope teams as a whole. Toss up game, pick FLORIDA ST

Gangsta D: Let me get this right. FSU blows out two 1-AA teams and they get ranked in the top 25 AND are favored against Wake? Really? Christian Ponder
is the next Weinke? Not buying it. Wake is too good. FSU crumbles upon facing real competition.

Da Realist: I see a glimmer of hope here. Well, I'm hoping for the best. WF can't beat FSU 3 straight times, right? FSU


Waldini: See above comments on ACC. UNC is shocking folks, VT is barely beating folks. UNC

Gangsta D: Everybody is riding Tar Heel jock right about now, after they mollywhopped Rutgers. Newsflash! Rutgers sucks this year, so I don't know what that told us. Nevertheless, VT isn't really all that good either. I'm going with VT. Beamer finds a way to block three punts and return all three for TDs.
Da Realist: Butch Davis is doing some things down in Chapel Hill. They aren't the joke of the ACC anymore. UNC

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