Saturday, November 01, 2008

New School Music - The Laid Back Edition

The latest edition of new school music. I've been in a laid back mode as of late, opting less for the Ante Up-Get Crunk music and more of the Man what'chu doing-Nothing just chillin music. Some nice gems I've been pumping lately in the Explorer. That's right kids, the same explorer I've been rocking since '98 :-).

And for the hip hop heads, don't worry, I've been listening to the Charles Hamiltons, Asher Roths, Wales, and Murs' of the world. Those reviews are coming in a separate blog. For now, ENJOY

Q Tip - Getting Up

I'm a HUGE ATCQ fan. Even when they put out subpar albums like Beats, Rhymes, & Life and the Love Movement, I still supported them. Even when 'Tip went solo, released the underrated "Amplified" and the supposedly hideous "Kamaal the Abstract" (Ed's note - record company would not release it), I still supported them. I saw them when they came to Houston 2 yrs ago, and even though they rocked it, I still didn't think Tip was releasing any new material. And then out comes this single. It's beyond infectious. Nov 4, the Renaissance hits the stores. Based on other singles that I've heard (peep, the album should be vintage Q Tip. Oh yea the video :-). It's pretty slick too. But ditch the Pat Boone look pimp....

BONUS: Here's the sample he used

The Foreign Exchange - Sincere

Ok I'm not the first person to pump Foreign Exchange. The Commission's own Gangsta D did that first. But I'm going to put it out there again in case you lazy cats are still sleeping. Did you know that this is Phonte from Little brother? Me neither. Worst do you know this song is off their first album which dropped in 2004?? Me neither. In fact, their 2nd album dropped last month. Don't worry you got time to impress your friends who still are in the dark.

Kanye West - Love Lockdown

Ok, this is a Love/Hate song for me. LOVE - the pushing of boundaries with his creativity. Only a handful of cats in the game today would attempt a whole verse of singing, let alone an entire song. HATE - the damn Autotuner. S*** got's to stop. Either do the song without it or not at all. Roger Zapp definitely is not looking down upon the imitators with a big smile. Anyways, I'm still showing love to Hip Hop's favorite commericial backpacker.

Lupe Fiasco f Pharrell, Q-Tip, and Sarah Green - Paris, Tokyo (Remix)

Pharrell is definitely rising in the ranks of cats who should leave the rapping to the professionals. But even his uneven flow can't screw up this nice laid back track featuring two of my favorite emcees. I talked about Abstract earlier and now it's on Lupe. Kinda ironic that Tip woulda agree to do this after Lupe forgot his lyrics during the ATCQ's tribute on VH1 last year.

Waldini WTF Moment

Slim f Shawty Lo & Young Joc - So Fly

This is so anti-Waldini. I don't wear sunglasses. I don't spend my mornings trying to get so fresh so clean. I'm not into designer watches, I could care less if a chick is checking out what car I'm driving, and I don't hang with cats with stupid nicknames like Shawty and Young whatever. BUT I love this beat and the hook. S*** is infectious. It's one of those songs if I was in a club, I'd probably be sippin on a white russian, then tell K-dawg and Gangsta I'll be back, I'm headed to the floor to get my two step on LOL.

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