Saturday, November 01, 2008

Who You Got?!?


Waldini: This is a difficult one. Since the 'Bama loss, Georgia has been laying teams out. Since the Ole Miss loss, Florida has been laying teams out. Who wins? I'm going with GEORGIA in a squeaker

Gangsta D: Matt Stafford's arm is from another planet. He made throws against LSU that maybe 2-3 PRO QBs can make. He's the difference. Knowshon is gonna get his. UGA's defense can't shut down Florida. Staff's gonna have to put it in the air and score points. I think he's ready to make the leap.

Realist: I have no idea at this point. I'm picking Florida because...well, can Georgia show up two weeks in a row?


Waldini: Waldini's upset special. For some reason I just think McCoy's luck runs out on Sat. TEXAS TECH

Gangsta D: OK, THIS is the week that Texas succumbs to a team after consecutive emotional victories. I hope.

Realist: Always Texas in this matchup. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm not picking Tech ever in this matchup and I *may* be wrong 1 time out of 10.

OU - 'Braska

Waldini: OKLAHOMA. No explanation needed lol

Gangsta D: Oklahoma will kill the Cornhuskers.

Realist: Oklahoma

FSU - G Tech

Waldini: I was reading USA Today and they spotlighted the Varsity as great place to eat in Atlanta. What does this have to do with this pick? For the simple reason that I h8 the Varsity (vastly overrated) which means I'm Silky Johnson aka Playa Hata of the Year. FLORIDA ST.

Gangsta D: Unfortunately, the Noles appear to be decent this year. Tech looked like a surprise team before falling to the Cavs. I'll go with Tech. That triple option will fluster Mickey. I think.

Realist: Probably a toss-up, but I'm going with the Noles
Miami - UVA

Waldini: This is the same UVA that got destroyed by the Men of Troy and UConn in back to back weeks. And now they are upsetting ACC teams left and right. I think Shannon's a better coach than Groh but UVA's been playing better of late. VIRGINIA

Gangsta D: On pure talent and potential, the Wahoos shouldn't get within two TDs of the Canes. But our best players are true freshmen and redshirt freshmen, so they are so inconcsistent. But, they will be out for blood after that 48-0 mollywhopping from last year.

Realist: Virginia
ND - Pitt

Waldini: Did you know ND was 5-2? that Pitt was the Big East leader? Neither did I and since I'm still in Silky Johnson mode, you know where this is going. PITT

Gangsta D: I'll never ever pick ND. If it's ND versus The Hell's Angels, I got the Hell's Angels.

Realist: Notre Dame

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