Monday, December 15, 2008

New School Music - The Call It What You Want To Edition

You know it's must be the holiday season when I'm dropping two of these posts in the same month. Ok, the first one was more a dedication to one artist's album while this one is more in the tradition of previous new school music posts. There's no hidden meaning, no themes, no nothing. This is just Waldini's Call It What You Want To mix. Just what I'm feeling right now. Enjoy...

Tabi Bonney - Beat Rock

This guy represents the land of New Balance shoes, All World Tees, and Go Go Music. This ain't your normal hip hop song kids. I don't know why I'm so intrigued by this song. It's as simple as it gets on lyrics and he's running through DC for the entire video while screaming "I'm from DC". Is this what your life was like growing up K-dawg?

Murs - Can It Be

I go from one coast to the other. Murs represents Cali and he's bringing a different vibe than most of his West Coast brethren. He's got a sic flow, nice beats, and promise for the new generation of rappers. Now that hair, naw joe you got me on that one. But hey image sells right? Let's hope he blows up and not end up underappreciated like the Tha Liks...

Jurassic 5 - Ducky Boy

You remember Jurassic 5? They dropped the classic "Quality Control" but those cats didn't blow up for some reason. They have released album after album since their first EP, even went on hiatus for a few. Well now they are back with this slick video. And you thought hip hop videos were nothing but cars, women, and liquor. Shame on you....

Slim f Ryan Leslie and Fabolous

I posted Slim's first video in my last post. Honestly I thought he would be a one semi-hit wonder. But then I heard this on the radio, thought the beat was tight, and then was pleasantly surprised it was Slim. He didn't need Fabolous but I understand the game. He's gotta sell to the supposed hustlas of the world. Regardless, nice to see him making a comeback considering how far 112 fell after they left or got dropped from Bad Boy.

Guilty Pleasure of the Week Jim Jones f Ron Browz and Juelz Santana

K-dawg called me one day and just kept repeating "I wanna see you dance, see you dance, see you dance." My first thought was WTF is K-dawg on :-). Then I saw the video, heard the song, and this foolishness is etched in my brain. When I see Mike Epps dancing, it makes me think of K-dawg actin' a fool. So as you can guess, this Guilty Pleasure is here courtesy of a certain person that was mentioned 3 times already in this paragraph. I WANNA SEE YOU DANCE


Gangsta D said...

This is totally the kind of song K-Dawg would be bumping:)

Great Waldini said...

You think :-). Mike Epps is basically K Dawg as far as I'm concerned.