Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rogue's Gallery: Lakers Lament & High Ticket Prices


I watched about a quarter and a half of theSuns-Lakersbefore falling asleep. D, that laker defense is atrocious. If itwasn'tfor the Suns missing open shots, geez a good team would have made thempay. No boxing out, missed assignments, too many gambles forsteals,they have MUCH work to do. On offense, the triangle looked fluidbut youright Kobe's shot is flat. And he's forcing too many shots. When they ran the triangle through Greatest 2nd round pick ever, it looked vintage Tex Winters.

This comment sums it up best. "Our record isgreat,"Bynum said. "[But] the way we're playing, we're not going tobeat thegood teams."

Da Realist:

The Celtics are in town tonight and I was thinking about going to the game. I hadn't been to an NBA game since MJ's last night as a Wizard. It would be good to get out of the house, right? Da Kid likes any "event" and it would be good for Da Wife and I to get out of the house. Then I saw the ticket prices. The least expensive seats in the house are $45. WHAAAT??? For the WIZARDS???

45 X 3 = 135
(Ticketmaster fees) 7.70 X 3 = $23.10
Parking or Metro = $20

They're asking me to pay $180 before I even get a hotdog. Is the Abe Pollin OUT OF HIS MIND??? The Wizards are 4-15 !


That is highway robbery. The mighty Celts versus a back court that just was called up from the D League...

Gangsta D:

The Lakers are officially on "Annoying the piss out of me" status. They need to get it together or Boston will destroy them on Christmas.

When we were in school, couldn't you get $15 tickets to Hawks games? Or something close? Those prices are ridiculous. Ticket prices should be on a sliding scale during the season. The better the team is, the higher the prices and so forth.

Da Realist:

I used to get $15 tickets to Hawks games as late as 2002. It was nothing to go to a Hawks game, no matter who they played. DC is ridiculous.

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