Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is Taken?

Dear Derek,

Seriously. You go for the fucking steal?!? Going out of bounds? What could you have possibly done with that? Toss it over your head towards the Spurs basket? Then you compound your first mistake, by making an even fucking bigger mistake, fouling Roger Mason. Just stand there and let him shoot. Now, you wanna get into defensive position? Now?!? And do what exactly? Were you gonna block the shot? Fuck no. I was doing the "big balls dance" along with Kobe. Then you had to fuck it up.

And can we just say that even though Bron is the MVP so far this year, that Kobe is the best on the planet. Who else hits that shot in Mason's grill, from almost the same spot he busted in Battier's grill last night. Best. On. The. Planet.

Thanks for listening to my rant. I'm going to go light a kitten on fire.


Diallo S. Tyson
President of the Derek Fisher Is Fucking Killing Us Trade Him Foundation

OK, I'm being completely irrational.  It's just...Fuck!  Your job is to help us...not to fuck us up!

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Great Waldini said...

The man did help greatly with the '01 title run and ended the Spurs dreams in '04. He doesn't get any slack LOL