Wednesday, February 18, 2009

King James...he'll save every one of us


The article is mainly on Lebron's MVP campaign but interesting comparisons between the glory days and today's NBA players. I still don't completely understand PER ratings and the stats used but the outcome noted in those links is an eye opener...

Da Realist:

PER rates how players perform against the competition they face. Therefore Lebron's PER is based on 2009, not 1988. Just saying. I don't understand how PER is calculated but I know that comparing today's PER against the PER's from 20 years ago makes no sense.

League has no nuts now. Does PER measure that?


How do you measure Zach Randolph cold cocking Louis Edmundson last
night? Zach threw an elbow first, stood over Louis second, and then
straight suckered punch him last.


Gangsta D:

That was some straight up, playground bully type ish. That's the most
emotion he's shown since Mich St:)


Notice he didn't try that with STAT, Shaq, or heck even the rookie Lopez. He picked on the 12th man.

It looks worse because Edmundson didn't retaliate at all. The man was elbowed, thrown to the ground, and smacked in the face. Yet he was the one running....

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