Wednesday, February 18, 2009



One of your players wins the MVP, another scores the 2nd most points
behind Kobe, and another's wife did a good job singing the Canadian
national anthem. But what happens today, coach gets canned. These are
your suns. I honestly think a behind the scenes book covering everything
from 2004 until now would be a top seller. So MUCH drama behind the
scenes for a team that will be remembered mostly for producing 2 MVP
awards and having more disgruntled All Star players than I can recall in
some time on one team (Joe Johnson, Matrix, STAT)

Funny note, I did like Kobe's line about we're not gonna go in the back
and watch Steel Magnolias. And my son gave a thumbs up for Shaq dancing
with Jabbawockeez

Gangsta D:

Apparently now they're gonna go back to the old style. Well why didn't
they hire a coach that coached that way in the first place? How did
Steve Kerr earn a GM job? Being a tv analyst and being a GM are two
different things. Just because he hit wide open jump shots, created by
Jordan, doesn't mean he knows basketball.


this article reiterates your point, although Kerr wasn't responsible for all of this

"You might remember the 2005 All-Star Game in Denver that turned into a tribute to the fun-and-gun Suns. Amaré Stoudemire, Shawn Marion and Steve Nash made the Western Conference team. Mike D'Antoni was the coach. Quentin Richardson won the three-point contest, Nash captured the skills competition and Stoudemire shined in the dunk before bowing out. Five years later, we can imagine the 2010 game turning into a tribute to what the Suns might have been had they not written the book on how to dismantle a franchise in seven seconds or less."

Sad considering all the young players they drafted and traded away (Rudy, Andre, Nate, RONDOOOOO)

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