Sunday, March 15, 2009

Be A Father To Your Child....

Waldini: Another reason why I'm sure Gangsta won't have children. Damn Travis

"Henry maintained that he was involved long-term with many of the mothers. Some, he said, told him they were using birth control, and he professed surprise at discovering they had become pregnant by him."I did use protection at first," he said. "Then they'd be saying they'd be on the pill. I was an idiot to trust them. Second or third time with them, I didn't use it. Then, boom!" In four instances, he attested, "I was trapped." If not for his football cachet and accompanying wealth, "I guarantee you that wouldn't have happened." "My counselor asks me, 'How can you do the same thing over and over?"' he said, unable to provide an answer."Knock on wood, or something, I'm blessed not to have AIDS."

Gangsta D: I sure as Hell ain't having nine. At some point, you just either have to stop have sex or or get fixed. After #5, you'd think he would've made an adjustment.

Waldini: It makes it worse when some of the kids are within a few months of each other. I think he's set a record for most baby mama's with 9. That is crazy.

Da Realist: This is unbelievable. I've "slipped" up a time or two but d-a-m-n. Even if i did get caught with my "hand" in the cookie jar, it would have only been one time. Nine???

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