Thursday, March 12, 2009

Don't Let Me Do It To Ya Dunny, Cause I Overdo It


I'm trying to figure out what was dumber....Darryl Morey's pre-game comments about the Laker offense not being so good when Battier is guarding Kobe or Artest in-game tactic of telling Kobe he didn't want any of him.

God Bless the Houston Rockets. The organization and fans have been personally providing comic relief for me since '98 :-)

Let me get back to searching for T-Mac's game...been pretty difficult to find for the past couple years

B. Reed:

Yeah the 4th quarter was pretty ugly when # 24 started to get busy. That's my issue with T-mac. When the game is on the line or it comes to the 4th quarter, you can count on #24. You can't say the same for T-mac or really even LeBron. You can't crown the kid king when Basketball's absolute best #24 has yet to abdicate the thrown.

Comissioner Stern:

Saw the last quarter of the game, but tivo'd it so i'll watch it again sometime today...I heard Artest shook the Black Mamba from the tree and paid a big price in the 2nd half!!!! LOL Ron Ron is too much of a vet to be doing sh*t like KB24 stated "he knows better"!! LOL (qoute of the year)!

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