Friday, March 06, 2009

Coming Live And Direct


We're live at the Naval Base in Georgia and we're trying to find the Dallas Cowboys biggest fan, Gangsta D to get his thoughts on all the recent offseason activity. Chris Canty leaving, Keith Brooking coming, TO, Pac-Man, and Roy being released, what is current emotional state? There he is at his desk, mr Gangsta, what are your thoughts?

Gangsta D:


But seriously, Chris Canty isn't too big of a deal. Jay Ratliff is a better player, and we still have Tank. Keith Brooking? Meh. Roy was going to get cut, so I'm not sweating it. Jerry should've drafted Ed Reed anyway. TO? After the abomination that was last year, I wouldn't have cared if the whole team got traded. But to just release him and take a $10 million cap hit? After trading draft picks for the other
Roy Williams, how does this help the team? Looks to be another season of disappointment.


Um I wouldn't read this about Tank.

After Owens, Williams likely was the second divisive figure among Cowboys fans — especially after Dallas already got rid of Adam "Pacman" Jones and Tank Johnson.

That offense is still potent. I mean you still got Romo, Witten, the other Roy, Barber. That's a nice quartet to have. Defense, yea there may be some struggles but that O should keep them in the game. Hopefully no more circus with all those cuts

At least you sound more realistic than say K-dawg. I asked him to project the Redskins' record this year, fool says 9-7. I forgot to tell him that neither Haynesworth nor DeAngelo play QB.

Gangsta D:

Oh, well...boy that Jay Ratliff sure is great! lol

The running game is going to carry the squad. Barber, Choice, and a healthy "Cat" Jones. Hopefully Romo squares himself up and becomes more efficient. Although, I wouldn't mind adding Torry Holt. He can still ball.

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