Saturday, May 02, 2009

All Right Folks, Time For A New Drink

Class, it's time to put you up on a new drink. The good people at Gran Centenario have unleashed a new tequila on the world: Rosangel Tequila.

Rosangel, the world’s first-ever hibiscus-infused tequila continues to blossom with recent accolades from industry leaders and strong consumer sales growth. Since the product’s launch in February, Rosangel has wowed mixologists, bartenders, spirits insiders and the tequila-drinking public with its fresh approach to infused tequila and delicious, versatile flavor profile.

At the 2009 San Francisco World Spirits Competition – the largest spirits competition in the U.S. – Rosangel was honored with a Double Gold medal in the flavored-spirits category. This distinction is only awarded when the entire panel of judges agrees that the expression is worthy of a Gold Medal.

Rosangel also received a Four-Star – Highly Recommended rating from F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal. In his review Pacult heralded Rosangel as, “a sterling addition to the already strong Gran Centenario line.” During a recent bartender training at Clover Club in Brooklyn, NY, Pacult also noted Rosangel was the “gold standard” for the flavored tequila category.

Check out the video below, where Julie Reiner and F.Paul Pacult wax poetic about this new offering.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a bottle. I will be reviewing Rosangel in the next few weeks. Definitely check back for that. Until then, happy drinking.


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Gangsta D said...

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