Friday, May 01, 2009

Rogue's Gallery: The Truth, Nervy Bosses, & Classic Material


Good story on the evolution of Paul Pierce. Fitting b/c I've been watching most of the Bulls-Celts and he has disappeared for stretches then out of nowhere drop 3s to either win the game or send it into OT. He proclaims himself as the best player in the game but he takes too many plays off for me. Good player but best in the league....naw

I mentioned that Olowokandi was "Nigerian for Benoit Benjamin." - LMAO

Speaking of which, I'm shocked Realist has not offered ONE single opinion on this series. His new baby bulls are growing up before our eyes, playing in the best series so far of the playoffs, prbly the best one we've had in years, and yet I see him posting Defensive Player of the Year 1993 videos on YouTube. As Ren told Stimpy "WHAT"S WRONG WITH YOU MAN!"

Gangsta D:

Pierce has disappeared for stretches because, although he's our age, he plays like he's 42. He has no lift. If he'd taken better care of himself when he was younger, he'd be dominating this series.

Da Realist:

Sorry bout that. You remember what Shaq said about Stan Van Gundy? About how he gets nervous and it passes down to his team? That's me right now. My manager is Stan Van Gundy. Dude is here at 7:30 every morning and works until 6:30 every day. He works on Sundays. He never EVER takes a lunch break.

And he's constantly micromanaging. Sitting at our desks for long stretches to monitor our progress. He's a nice guy and all, but he adds so much unnecessary stress to our team because he puts too much pressure on himself. He needs to learn how to RELAX. Damn. Go live date ain't till JUNE!

Bulls looking GOOD. Celtics are wheezing, but Ray Allen is putting the team on his back. Rondo too.

I still post on youtube cause it's my way of relaxing lol. Funny story... This lil dude was telling me last night how he loves Kobe Bryant. MJ ain't shit, Kobe's better in all areas, blahblahblah. Anyway, he couldn't come up with any proof or evidence to support anything he said so then he started hating on MJ. Said he hoped Ray Allen broke that f-ing MJ record and that would wipe MJ off the playoff books and prove how inflated his stats were. Talked about how he loved Ray and couldn't imagine anyone not liking him because he was such a good guy. I said, Ray Allen? The same guy that criticized Kobe and said blah, blah, blah???

He said, huh? When did he say that? What was he referring to? I love Ray! I can't imagine him saying those things about Kobe.

I LOL'd. Told him to do his research before starting to debate basketball. LOL Young ass nigga.


LMAO. Yes please tell him Jesus Shuttlesworth is not a saint at all.

As for the series, again I'm just saying. I know no one wants to say greatest series ever b/c it's a first round series but 4 of the 6 games go in OT. 2 of those 4 OTs are either double or triple. Last night had it all. Ray Ray going OFF, Heinrich making Rondo back that ass up (which is crazy cuz Rondo isn't exactly a small dude), The Truth needing stitches in his nose, Noah turning the Truth into the Poster on that breakaway dunk, Miller painfully and slowly wheeling down the middle to tie the game in regulation, Rose's phenomenal block on Rondo to seal the game.

Shit, Chicago was NOT supposed to be here LOL. Loving this series. I'm heated b/c my mother in law is flying into town on Sat. She lands at 7pm. The game is at 6:30pm CST. I'm about an hr from the airport. why Lord why???

Da Realist:

D V R -- man's best friend lol


You know I hate watching taped sporting events b/c some ass is always going to screw it up for me LOL

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