Sunday, April 26, 2009

New School Music - K-dawg Edition

Has it really been almost 4 months since I've dropped new music??? I would like to use my newborn as my excuse but in reality, I've haven't heard a lot of OH S*** music. However, thanks to my road dog aka the Infamous K-dawg, the following songs are ones that I typically would fast forward on but after he constantly played these songs in my ear via the phone, now I find myself humming these things too. This is for you K-dawg :-)....

OJ Da Juiceman f Gucci Mane - Make the Trap Say Aye

Lyrically this song is forgettable as other "classics" of the South (Let me ride that donkey, I hate hoez, etc). But this ain't about dope lyrics, this is about a hook and beat that are addictive. I swear if I was back in college, it would be me, K-dawg, Gangsta, and possibly Pilot rolling down Peachtree screaming outside of the Protege AAYEE

Soulja Boy - Turn my swag on

Again replace OJ's name with Soulja Boy. And what makes this worse is that I think very very lowly of Mista Tell 'Em. But that hook kicks in and I'm like man hop up out da bed, turn my swag on.....

I didn't post the remix but Lil Wayne and Jeezy definitely increased dude's ATL cred

Young Money f Lil Wayne - Every Girl

I ain't gon front, the first time K Dawg played this for me, I'm like this beat is effin' hot. I'm becoming more and more of a man whore for Lil Weezy. That means I will stop and give any song he puts out or appears on a first listen. I've come a long way from the dude who said Weezy's career would be over by 2001 :-)

Kanye West f Young Jeezy - Amazing

Ok this song was not inspired by K Dawg. This actually was inspired by my son who's become a huge fan of Kanye. Every time we get in the car, he's like "Daddy play So Amazing." Then when it plays you can hear him in the back going WOOSH So Amazing repeatedly. Did I mention he's two? Why you trippin be glad he's not requesting Do the Stanky Leg or some nonsense like that.

R&B Pick of the Quarter

Chrisette Michelle - Epiphany

Notice I said quarter because usually R&B struggles to put out enough songs where I can find a decent new one each week. Chrissette's underrated and this song is pure fiyah. Love the keys on this joint....

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