Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rosangel Taking The World By Storm: One Shot At A Time

Class, it's time to put you up on a new drink. The good people at Gran Centenario have unleashed a new tequila on the world: Rosangel Tequila.

My girl and I consider ourselves to be connoisseurs of fine liquors. Every now and then we try to expand our horizons and find the next big thing. We decided to seek out a new tequila. During our search, we stumbled across Centenario Rosangel Tequila, which is the world's first tequila finished with hibiscus flowers. The bottle suggested a few simple garnishment ideas, but what really got our attention was the fact that they suggested to drink it straight or on the rocks. Anything that can be drank straight, cannot be all bad. Needless to say, we requested our first bottle.

So the bottle arrives, and we perform our "Food & Liquor Ritual." The food portion of this ritual consisted of shrimp po' boys [homemade by the way, not store bought]and kettle cooked potato chips[Lays]. The liquor portion consisted of Rosangel shots, chilled/straight.

1st shot. My girl gets the bright idea of sipping the drink prior to taking the shot. I have been required to inform you that sipping is not a good idea. Rosangel is a SHOT tequila. The taste is reminiscent of Patron Silver, but much smoother. We started trying to pinpoint that small taste difference between the Rosangel and Patron. It has to be the hibiscus flowers, which adds just that know...umph(?)to the flavor. In our humble opinion, Rosangel is a better choice than Patron. That's saying something because my girl is picky as Hell [trust me on that one].

The fact that we finished the bottle in two and a half hours [no chasers/frill/beer/anything], should tell you how special of a spirit that Roasangel is. We highly recommend it!!!

p.s. the bottle is really cute by the way [my girl made me throw that in...and I'm sure the fact that her name is Angel has nothing to do with it.] lol

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