Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Finals Baby! Get Hype!!!


Lakers have the homecourt advantage. Magic had the best road record in the league this year. Going into the playoffs, the matchups that I feared the most for LA were Portland and Orlando. The boys never played the former and the latter handled their business twice against da 'Show. One reason was Dwight Howard went bananas on Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. The other was Jameer Nelson was the kryptonite PG that kills LA. Quick, strong, and can make good decisions (check Jameer's stats against LA). He's trying to pull a Daniel Larusso and fig -er I mean play but honestly he will be very rusty. Looking at matchups, this series can go either way. LA's been horrible at defending the 3, which Orlando is exceptional at making. LA doesn't have a real answer for Rashard either. If those things go right the entire series, Orlando can win. BUT...

Orlando hasn't faced an offense like this in the playoffs yet. If LA plays like they did in Game 6 of the WCF, the series will be over in no more than 5 games. I think LA has grown with each series and it feels eerily like what Boston did last year (struggled the first 2 rounds, then just lit those a$$es up in the final 2 rounds). Orlando's a tough matchup for LA but the boys are playing much better right now. Give me LA in 6.

Gangsta D:

I have nothing to add. Except that Kobe is going to 4close on the NBA in about a week and a half.

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