Thursday, June 25, 2009

Let's Make A Freaking Deal!

[Apparently, Vinsanity is on the move as well. - ed. note]


What's the commission's take on all these NBA trades...probably should wait since I'm sure another "blockbuster" (laughing on these) trade will go down shortly

Cavs-Suns - Worst kept secret so far this season. Does it make the Cavs legit title contenders? Not really. Will it help ratings? Definitely. Mark it down. Christmas game - Magic/Cavs - the Battle for the rights to be called Superman. Wonder if Lebron is now Tom Hagen ;-)

Spurs-Bucks - People keep talking how the Lakers robbed Memphis but hell Pop just snuck into Milwaukee, kidnapped Richard Jefferson, and a bottle of Pabst. People are spending more time on the above trade, need to be talking how the Spurs just got a helluva lot better. They just need a banger at the 4....I would love to see them play LA.

Wolves-Wiz - Another sleeper and Robin Hood type deal, in favor of the Wiz. Gave up nothing, got more offensive firepower with Foye and Miller. Again, like Cavs doesn't make them title contenders but they can put points on the board. I just dont like they have Flip as their coach :-)

Also hearing Suns looking at dealing STAT and Barbosa to Rockets for T-Mac, Landry, and Brooks

Gangsta D:

Shaq and Bron are gonna get along great for the first two months. There'll be highlight dunks and exclamations of a possible 70 win season. Then in February, when Shaq realizes he's not gonna get more than 15 touches a game, he's gonna start complaining. Then it's gonna go to Hell, with the end result of the Cavs getting beaten in the ECF again. Then maybe Shaq will retire.


If he thought Van Panic couldnt coach, wait til he meets Mike Brown.....Or when Lebron starts saying I need more space to drive, Shaq will retort "He's a Hummer, I'm a mac truck, everyone knows what happens when a mack truck hits a hummer"

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