Monday, July 06, 2009

Let Me See Your O-Face!!!

Update: Check out the five finalists!

The contest was phenomenally popular, with over 4,000 entries and millions of votes. With entries from professional actors to the average joe - and from across the country to across the pond – it wasn’t easy to narrow it down. Now we’re left with a Texan, a New Jersyan and three New Yorkers as the race continues to heat up! I love vodka. One might say that it is my favorite refreshment after water, and water isn't in the lead by much. My new favorite brand (honest to God) is Three Olives Pomegranate. Take a glass, pour in the Pomegranate, and top it off with some Sprite. That is mighty good drinking folks. Mighty. Good. So you can imagine how giddy I was when the good people at Three Olives dropped me a line about a contest they're sponsoring.

As part of a new multi-million dollar integrated advertising campaign, now includes an interactive contest that invites users to upload a photo of their best “O-face” – the look of surprise one has after tasting a shockingly delicious Three-O Vodka drink. At the conclusion of the campaign on May 31, 2009, 5 finalists will be chosen, flown to NYC, given the VIP treatment and given a photo shoot. Of the 5 finalists, 1 grand prize winner will be Three-O’s next “O-Face”, awarded $10,000 and be featured in a national ad campaign.

So there you have it. You can win $10,000 and be featured in a national ad. I'm not sure that I'll enter the contest, as I'm a bit camera shy. But I will probably be drinking Three Olives nonetheless. Gotta get some sprite, though. Running a tad low.

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Angel said...

OMFG I so wasn't thinking THAT O face lol hahha