Thursday, June 04, 2009

Vote For Us!!! Part 2

Here's part two, because yeah we got a lot of 'em.  So again, check out the submissions below. Click the link and vote "I'd Wear It." Cool? Cool!

"Buy that for me"

"Ebonics is NOT taught in English class"

"Do what huh?"

"I swallow.. I'm just sayin"

"Pull your pants up"

"Show me your magic trick!! Disappear."

"Say that again please? I like watching your lips move"

"Duck, Duck, Duck.. HAUL ASS!!!!"

"I'm not white... I'm light skinned"

"I'm not black I just tan VERY well"

"I could do that. I just choose not to"

"My man works at Sonic and brings me good stuff... Like tater tots"

"Insert witty comment here___"

"I have a trick up each of my sleeves"

"You're not a loser your "winningly" challenged <3"

"Idk hell. Stop asking me!!"

"Yea, you're pretty. Pretty ugly and pretty apt to stay that way!"

"Well I knew THAT"

"THAT costs extra"

"Blond by bottle. Not by birth"

"My IQ is higher than yours"

"I will only hurt a little"

"My iPhone can kick your phone's ASS!"

"I am absolutely, positively.. OVER THIS CRAP!!!"

"No Twit!"

"Check this Twit out"

"You're invading my 3 feet of personal space. Step. Away."

"Twitter definition: STALKING"

"You know they make stuff for that right?"

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