Friday, June 05, 2009

Vote For Us!!!! Part 4

That's right. Part 4 baby! So again, check out the submissions below. Click the link and vote "I'd Wear It." Cool? Cool!

"Hi!!! Moron."

"Your swag is almost as big as mine"

"Out of work pornstar"

"Now hiring: Out of work pornstars"

"Let's go half on a baby"

"Wait. Where is it supposed to go again?"

"Yeah.'re fired."

"I like it raw."

"I wouldn't wear it either."

"My eyes are up here. Up. Here."

"Actually, I do think you like the sound of your voice."

"You're wronger than two right shoes."

"My brain farts smell like licorice."

"Yeah. There's an app for this."

"I play with rubber toys."

"I'm actually not sure how I got into these jeans."

"Bra size is overrated when you don't wear one."

"Life is a beach.. and then you wake up to a hurricane"

"I got your skill set mofo!"


"Wanted: Rich/diesel mechanic woman with beer franchise"

"Screw the gym. I workout in bed"

"I play with at least 2 at a time"

"That's all you right there"

"Patience is not a virtue of mine"

"::Not Patient::"

"No I do NOT use dental floss as underwear"

"Let's go commando"

"Check my MySpace"


"Real women have tattoos"

"There went that idea"

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