Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Why They Won't Let The Music Just Be What It Is, Is Anybody's Guess."


Some people are hammering Kobe for his poor shooting, etc. in the Finals. Now, I’m not a huge proponent of the MJ/Kobe comparisons, but look at MJ’s statline from the 1998 finals compared to Kobe’s this year:
MJ ‘98: 33.5 pts/4 reb/2.3 ast/42% shooting
Kobe ‘09: 33.0 pts/5.5 reb/8.0 ast/42% shooting
I'm just saying...

Da Realist:

If I may offer my humble opinion here...

Kobe is probably going to win the Finals MVP for the first time and a Laker fan just compared it to one of MJ's poorest statistical showings when he had to carry the team at an advanced age when his most talented teammate was playing with a bad back.

When a Bulls fan says, damn Kobe's best run looks like Jordan's at 35 years old, the Laker fan will run him under a building. Which is odd, because by making the initial comparison, it is exactly what the Laker fan was saying all along.


That comment was taken from the Forum Blue and Gold's comments section. I put that out there to see what a certain Bulls Fan would say LOL

Gangsta D:

Kobe is not Jordan!!!

The thing that kills me is, whenever Kobe has a bad game or series you get the "see, he's not as good as Jordan." Well, no shit! lol Fuck comparisons and criticisms. I'm just gonna enjoy this championship.

Da Realist:

Hey man...your boy woke ME up. I was napping nicely ;-)


Yea I figured it get a rise out of you. You know me better than that, I don't care for the MJ/Kobe comparison at all, because there is no comparison. Jordan was better. PERIOD. The only thing that drives me crazy is when I hear things like any 2 guard could have won with Shaq or some 2 guard of this playing era is better than Kobe.

Think how we felt when one of the peanut gallery had the audacity (SAT word of the day) to put Kobe and Carmelo Anthony on the same level. Preposterous :-)

Da Realist:

It's very annoying. And I think the media needs to take the reins on this. Every game, Kobe is compared to MJ by every media outlet -- led by ESPN. When Kobe does well, he's compared to MJ and MJ fans rebel. When Kobe fucks up, he's compared to MJ and Kobe fans rebel.

But it drives ratings so it's not going to stop. It's sad, really. Basketball is a team sport but because MJ had such a great career, he changed the way we view every player that's played after him. Now it's not enough to be a champion or even a Finals have to average 34+, 7+, 7+, 2+, 1+ while shooting over 50% and have at least 2 iconic moments (sick game, late-game heroics, etc) during the series for people to give you much credit.

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