Monday, June 08, 2009

Tiger Wins. Fed Wins. Lakers Win. Damn Right It Was A Good Day


- TMF kills two birds with one stone (or racket LOL) in winning the French Open yesterday. He ties Sampras' record for Grand Slams and joins Agassi as the only men in the open Era to win the career Slam. You know you got clout when your opponents are rooting for you to win (see Nadal) and the all time greats are saying you are the greatest of all time (see Sampras)

- Tiger wins his tune-up before the US Open with some wicked (I'm channeling my inner white boy with that slang) shots. Did you see the Eagle on 14?? From a sandtrap??? With one hand?? 2 years ago, it was on one leg. This year it's with one hand. Unless my last name was Mickelson, I seriously would consider retiring if I was on the tour with him. Not all

- Lakers go up 2-0 in a gritty, gutty...ok more like ugly display of basketball between two teams. Too many turnovers, bad execution from both sides, and one coach completely losing faith in all 4 PGs on his team (and I'm not talking Phil Jackson).

Indeed Sunday, June 7 was a GOOD DAY...And my wife did cook our dinner with some hog (pork ribs)

Da Realist:

missed tiger, but saw federer and the game last night.

federer's great but i reserve judgement for GOAT. he HAS to find a way to solve the Nadal riddle before i'm comfortable saying it.

ugly game last night, but that happens. orlando is a better team with jameer nelson out there. i don't care how many shots he miss, you never EVER want hedo turkoglu being the defacto point guard. i couldn't believe my eyes!

and reddick? is this what it has come down to? i know he hit a big shot but c'mon. van gundy needs to stop worrying about what people think and coach. his gut told him nelson was the best option in game 1, he should have continued to follow his gut instead of following the advice of journalism majors. and alston just needs to man up. this ain't the time.


YOU WATCHED THE GAME?!?!?! Add that to the List..."Realist watched a FINALS game :-)

Da Realist:

well...i've been in france for the last 3 weeks and umm... (sniff...sniff) i'm back (sniff).


Yea, I know that was a nice trip. And now you are back with us stoopid Americans ;-)

Da Realist:

don't laugh. there is a SIGNIFICANT adjustment period. i've probably lost a couple of pounds since i returned because my tastebuds have changed and i've realized just how fatty my diet used to be. it's like i just realized i was living in the matrix.

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