Thursday, September 03, 2009

COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!! The Commission Pick 'Em Returns

Bama vs Virginia Tech

Da Realist - I'm going with Bama in the GA Dome

Gangsta D - I just don't think Tyrod Taylor has that "It" factor that everyone thinks he does. Very inconsistent. With Evans going down with a knee injury, the Hokies will have to rely on Taylor along with inexperienced RBs. The defense will be stout, but Nick Saban is the Devil or at least a close friend of the Devil and he won't allow the Tide to lose this game. Besides, the GA dome has been good to him. Bama

Waldini - I would have easily said Hokies two weeks ago but then they lost Evans, their starting RB for the season and that changes everything. Bama's lost a lot of offensive power but their D returns like 8 or 9 starters. Same for the Hokies. But the game's in ATL which is a home game for Alabama. No sneaking up on teams like they did to Clemson last year. BUT they will get the same result. ALABAMA

Okie St vs UGA

Da Realist - Gimme Georgia

Gangsta D - Tough one. Dez Bryant is a mutha. But the Cowboys aren't very good against ranked BCS teams historically. Richt is a beast on the road, but he's breaking in a new starting backfield. Bill Young will blitz the shit out of Joe Cox, and how he handles that will determine how well the game goes. Remember, last year he had Miami bitch slapping Tebow for 3 quarters. Flip of coin goes to the Cowboys...cause Mike Gundy is a man damn it!

Waldini - The game's in whatever city the Cowboys play in (don't know, don't care LOL). They got most of the entire offense returning. You know the one that was ringing up points like a pinball machine. Georgia's lost Stafford and Moreno.Yet they are ranked #13. You have to love preseason polls. OKLAHOMA ST

Oregon vs Boise St

Da Realist - Boise

Gangsta D - I have no idea about this one. Chip Kelly takes over for Belloti. Boise is crucial at home, even though they haven't played any of note. Boise beat the Ducks last year, so they'll be out for revenge. can't beat the Broncos on the Smurf. Boise wins and starts their trek towards the BCS title game (shudder).

Waldini - Ah that crappy a$ blue turf. Ah well, The Ducks have to get over that plus the beating they took at home to the Broncos last year. New coach for the Ducks but they got their QB and one of their top RBs returning. Broncos still have Peterson running the show and also their top QB returning. But only 12 starters on both sides of the ball return. In Bill Raftery voice "Oh Vern, the Ducks are FLLLLYIIIINNNG." OREGON

Mizzou vs Illinois

Da Realist - Illinois

Gangsta D - How did I know that Waldini would have something to say about this? Can the Tigers replace Maclin and Daniel? Will Juice Williams complete over 50% of his passes? Will Zook straight choke Juice the fuck out if he doesn't? These are the important questions. This is why this game was included. Illini hangs a number on the Tigers.

Waldini - How did this game get on here? What are you a Big 12 lover :-)? Zook. Zook. Zook. Even though I know he can't coach. But Mizzou lost Chase Daniel and Jeremy Maclin. I hear their backup QB was highly rated coming out of high school. I'm not taking that chance. ILLINOIS

FSU vs The U

Da Realist - FSU

Gangsta D - It's time. It's moment time. The past 5 seasons have sucked ass through a straw. But now, it's time for a mighty hurricane to begin swirling those winds in the Atlantic. Now is the time for the swagger to return. Now is the time to bury Bobby Bowden under the field that bears his name. You know who I got.

Waldini - Did you know this game is not even sold out yet. My how this once super rivalry has fallen. The U can't keep a QB to save its' life and Free Shoes Coach is running on life support. Two uses of the word life in one sentence. I made a funny, dog! Oh yea who wins, I guess FSU since it's at home. FLORIDA ST.

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