Friday, October 09, 2009

Who Ya Got?

It's a sad day when Georgia-Tenn doesn't even make the list :-( Damn u Crompton

Bama vs Ole Miss

Waldini - I like Snead and Nutt. But I still think Ole Miss is overrated. I'm drinking the Crimson berry Tide Kool-Aid Realist. And you know that's a damn shame from a Vols fan. CRIMSON TIDE

Gangsta D - Something tells me that the Right Rev Nutt is gonna have his boys ready to play. Unfortunately, it won't matter. The Tide aren't sexy, just unbeatable at this point. Saban gets it done.

Da Realist - Hmm... I'm going with the Ole Miss upset in Oxford.

BC vs Va Tech

Waldini - The Eagles are shocking folks. But not even have Flutie Flakes in Blacksburg is gonna be enough. HOKIES

Gangsta D - Hokies, unfortunately. BC almost let a bad FSU squad come back and beat them.

Da Realist - Va Tech

Mich vs Iowa

Waldini - Did you know this is the Sat game of the night on ABC? Didn't we suffer enough with Penn St-Iowa :-). Hawkeyes D is legit. O is not. Still don't think Forcier's got enough to will them on the road. HAWKEYES

Gangsta D - uhhh...coin flip. Wolverines. For some reason I think the Hawkeyes get exposed.

Da Realist - Michigan

Auburn vs Ark

Waldini - TIGERS

Gangsta D - Final score should be 52-47. Ryan Mallet is a beast, yo. I know I've said it before, but dude is the real deal. Might be the #1 pick in '11. I got the Hogs, even though Petrino is still a Total Fucking Douchebag.

Da Realist - Auburn


Waldini - Uh oh. Death Valley. At night. On ESP er CBS. Didn't Florida squeak out one in the same situation a couple of years ago. Tell Verne, I'm rolling with a half healthy Tebow and his crying coach. GATORS

Gangsta D - Nope, Meyer is 0-2 at Death Valley. If Brantley starts, it might get ugly. The Tigers offense is suspect, but that defense and the screaming, deranged, crawfish boiling Tiger fans are going to make young Brantley's head implode. If Tebow starts, it'll just be a really big headache. Either way, I got the Tigers. 31 in a row at night is the definition of a trend.

Da Realist - Sadly, I think Florida's gonna come in a beat the Tigers. If Florida is gonna lose, it won't be in "the game of the week" type of setting. Florida

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