Friday, September 25, 2009

Who You Got?

Da Realist:

How is FSU ranked? Cause they beat BYU??? Everybody is still drinking the Bobby Bowden kool-aid. Wow.

G Tech vs UNC

Da Realist: I'm going against the grain and pick UNC. Don't know much about UNC but GTech hasn't impressed me.

Gangsta D: I'm not feeling the Heels. They don't seem to have that "It" factor, but people are predicting damage from them this year. I don't see it. I think Tech has licked their wounds and will have that triple option working. I got the Bees.


Texas Tech vs Houston

Da Realist: Texas Tech because I didn't even know Houston still played football. They're RANKED? What is this? 1989?

Gangsta D: Texas Tech. Only because Mike Leach is insane and Tyler Potts has the best moustache in football.

Waldini: COUGARS

Cal vs Oregon

Da Realist: Cal. And it won't be close.

Gangsta D: Jahvid Best is a problem. If Cal keeps feeding him the ball, Oregon won't get within 10 points.


Bama vs Arkansas

Da Realist: Bama is for real. Told y'all Nick Saban makes a difference. Bama.

Gangsta D: Ryan Mallet is the motherfucking truth. I've liked him since his freshman year at Michigan. He's definitely got that "It" factor. I wanna go against the grain and pick the Hogs, but Bama's defense is an actual defense as opposed to what UGA throws out there. And, their offense is coming around. Roll Tide.


Miami vs V Tech

Da Realist: I think people need to slow down with Miami. They're still young... I don't believe they are ready to challenge the big boys yet but they'll beat V Tech the same way they always do -- force them to throw the ball.

Gangsta D: Come on. You don't need any analysis. Black Jesus (Jacory) will lead us to the Promise Land.

Waldini: 'CANES

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