Monday, June 20, 2005

Waldini Goes off!

D brought it out of me so I will explain my hate

My favorite teams

Tenn (since '91) - It's funny how I became a fan. A high school acquitance learned I was going to Nashville to visit family and automatically assumed I was a Vols fan. He was a big Notre Dame fan and kept running his mouth about what happened to Tenn the year before. Then all of a sudden, the miracle in Fort Bend happened and I was "baptized" into the Volunteer family....

Clemson (since '88) - In South Carolina, you either go for South Carolina or Clemson, there is NO in-between. I loved Danny Ford and how Clemson would dominate the ACC, then win a major bowl at the end of the year. Too bad they could never beat FSU. And it only got worse when FSU joined the conference :-)

The only other teams that will spark me to watch are Oregon (don't askwhy), Miami (always loved that swagger but not fully like D)

My hated teams

SEC - Florida and Georgia. Florida for the Spurrier factor but that since has changed since he is no longer there. That UT-Citrus comment still burns me to this day. And then of course having to listen to AY ramble on and on about it would turn any casual fan against Florida. Georgia just b/c

Big 12 - I cannot stand the Big 12. If you lived down here you would understand. During football season, unless CBS or ESPN show it, I hardly get any SEC games. I get the Baylor-Colorado games which drive me crazy. And then the people here who support these teams :-). I argue EVERY season about how the players from these schools are usually overrated, especially at the money position

A good mini-story - A few yrs ago, Arkansas played Texas in UT, which Arkansas won handily. A classmate of mine was a big UT fan and had been running his mouth that morning up until the game was over. I harassed him and we had the following exchange

ME: I guess the SEC is better than the Big 12 huh. One of our bottom feeders just beat one of your elite teams
HIM: When's the last time Tenn won anything important?
ME: How many titles does Texas have in the past 5 years? And how many times have they had the top recruiting class in the country? Wow, it must be good to be a longhorn fan
HIM: Does Morehouse even have a football team (prompting OOOOs from the other cats in my class)
ME: When someone from your school gets a holiday named after them, you come holla at me HIM: Who from your school has a day named after them?
ME: I call him Dr King but you know him as Martin Luther. You know he's pretty much responsible for your team's success considering the number of bruhs on your squad
HIM: (nothing but a silent, irritated look on his face)

Big 10 - Shelley turned me against them with his constant Big 10 is sooo much better than SEC comments.

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