Tuesday, July 19, 2005

B-Dub In The House...

Gangsta D:

-Bob Weiss is the new coach of the Sonics. Apparently Dick Versace was unavailable...

-Stephen A. has his own talk show coming out on August 1. It was only amatter of time. The boy seriously has stars in his eyes...

-Stromile Swift to Houston? Yep, they're an immediate championship contender now...


- I guess the Sonics didn't see the Hawks back in the early 90s. Get readyfor mediocrity. I told Ace to enjoy his magic season but he wouldn't listen. You're about to lose Nate McMillan, Jerome James, Antonio Daniels,Flip Murray, and possibly Vladmir Radmanovic. Enjoy yourself

- Yea I saw the commercial while I was the gym yesterday. Doesnt anybody remember what happened when they tried to shove Mike Lupica down our throats with his own talk show. Talk about overkill and overexposure

- T-Mac has been going on talk shows saying Swift is the key piece that will put them over the hump...No I did not make that statement up


- Coach LB is leaving the Pistons. Who wants to place bets on where he willend up?

- Hearing the Nets are close to acquiring Abdur Rahim. So you are tellin me that I am supposed to get scared with a starting lineup of Jason Collins, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Vince Carter, Richard Jefferson, and Jason Kidd. Either they are going to run everyone to death or going to get rolled over b/c they are soft as tissue on defense

Gangsta D:

Obviously Mr. McGrady has been sippin on that sizzurp with Slim Thug and Paul Wall. Who's their backcourt? Charlie Ward and Bobby Sura? Who they got on the bench? He must've had some bad shrimp at Boudreaux's:)

I love how sportswriters write about how athletes have such big egos andthey only care about the money. But these same sportsWRITERS end up on tv all the time and sometimes get their own show. Nope no ego involved inthat. And I'm sure they're doing it for free...


Wow, you remember Boudreaux's eh, lol!

- I think the Rockets need to get younger OR at least give the younger players more run (see Mike James). I honestly do not know what direction they are trying to go. And I'll admit it, I like Slim Thug and Paul Wall aka the People's Champ. "Sittin Sidewayz" is off da meter to me and Already Platinum is a decent album

- Think of all the TV Sports Talk shows out now....PTI, Around the Horn,Sports Reporters, Best Damn Sports talk show, 4 qtrs. It seems like Sportswriters are becoming just as famous as the athletes. People blame ESPN forthe downfall of bball fundamentals, well they can blame them when up andcoming sports writers are actin like know it alls about all sports.

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