Monday, August 15, 2005

God I Hate TO! He Sucks...

Da Realist:

ok Waldini. since this is about TO, i'll leave D out of it. ok, maybe not. peter king is taking careof business in this article. i don't remember reading about a sports figure getting taken to task like this before (even sam smith's "the jordan rules" weren't this bad). this article is PERSONAL.

Gangsta D:

I'm out of it! I need a TO from T.O.:)


You know I am really trying hard to defend TO but he's making an a$$ out of himself. I do believe the NFL is one of the ruthless sports business. Bonuses not salaries are guaranteed and you can be cut at any time. My problem with TO is the way he is going about trying to get a new deal. And considering he is only into year 2 of his deal, his timing could not be worse. And considering he strong-armed his way to Philly, you would think he be humble enough to realize that he's messing up and needs to mature.

He really really really is damaging his credentials. You have everyone from Jerry Rice to D McNabb giving their two cents. He's basically a cancer right now and no one wants him. He might want to re-dial God and ask for more forgiveness this time.

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