Monday, August 15, 2005

NBA. It's...For Sale?

Da Realist:

wouldn't it be a good idea if the nba started selling past games? i mean all of them. you know, for $20 you can have any game from their massive storage. why hadn't the nba thought of this? wouldn't it make a killing? i would love to buy the 1988,1989,1990 and 1991 bulls/pistons series just so i can see how my boys grew from losers to champions.

they should sell these games like the studios sell movies. we're in an age now where you can purchase season packages to thundercats and punky brewster. surely the nba will one day open up that vault and rake in the riches from guys like me that grew up on the game. USUAL SUSPECTS and GODFATHER I,II are my favorite movies but some of these nba games ultimately meant more to me.

Gangsta D:

It's a good idea in that it would be a cool offer to the public. But ESPN Classic and NBA TV would block it, because they already show classic games. If people could buy the games they wanted, they wouldn't need to watch it on tv. It would be a better idea to sell playoff series as a package. ESPN classic usually only broadcasts the best 1 or 2 games of a series. You'd be selling to the die hard and not the casual fan...


Actually, they could do this but as D mentioned, they would need to getpermission from the NBA first. Or the NBA could do this and by pass this issue. WWE already does something like this now where they charge for old school wrestling matches.

Da Realist:

i see your points, but i think this would be such a good idea. the nba plays the same 50 games over and over anyway. they should dress up the games. add in the pre-game hype and interviews. maybe some halftime coverage and definitely post championship celebration. add some things they wouldn't normally show on nba tv or espn classics.

as y'all said, only the die-hards would be interested in purchasing games from back then. Da Wife likes basketball but i doubt she'll buy bulls at lakers game 3 1991 finals. but there is no way i can purchase everything in their vault. so naturally there will still be games on espn classic or nba tv that i havenot or will not purchase that i would be interested inwatching.

there is a hunger for this. i see websites on the internet willing to sell their copies of these very games. the nba might as well come out with their official version and hop on the gravy train.

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