Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Heat To Add Depth?


You know we haven't talked about the Amnesty Clause"Sweep" that took place on Monday and all those players that were waived under this rule. I particulary am thinking about Michael Finley and how he could change the balance of power for some teams. Right now the Suns and Heat are the leading candidates for his services. Look at the possible scenarios

SUNS: If they got Finley, it would give them a starting rotation of KurtThomas, Amare Stoudamire, Shawn Marion, Michael FInley, and Steve Nash. Their bench would have Brian Grant, Raja Bell, JimmyJackson, and possibly Gary Payton. That's a good mix of youth and veterans on this team and I think if all the deals go through, they couldseriously challenge the Spurs(Before you go ape **** Realist, I said CHALLENGE, not BEAT them :-)

HEAT: If they got Finley, it would give them starting rotation of Shaq, Haslem, Posey, Wade, and Jason Williams. Their bench would have Finley, Zo,Walker, and again possibly Gary Payton. That's apretty deep bench too but I'm not sure Finley wants to be a 6th man at this point

I'm with D, this offseason has been intriguing and the newly added amnesty rule further confirms that. Very anxious to see where these players end up starting next week.

Gangsta D:

It all depends on Finley's attitude. He's used to being option #1 or #2. Wherever he goes now he'll be #3 at best, but probably #4. If he can acceptthat diminished role, then of course he'll help whoever signs him. But former All-Stars have a history of not being able to subjugate themselves. I secretly want him to sign with the Heat, because all the signs for a train wreck are just about in place:)

But c'mon, you knowNBA talk in August isn't intriguing...


Obviously it's not intriguing b/c Realist hasnt responded. Now if I flip the subject to FSU and their on-going problems, thenI get full inbox of emails about how the Bowden family needs to do this and that, lol.

I already think the Heat are a wreck with Walker and Williams yet sportswriters are giving them glowing reviews. It's amazing how both were revered last season and portrayed as selfish, cancers to their respective teams, and undeserving of their contracts. Now they are been portrayed as the final pieces of the championship puzzle and Diesel will have them in line this season. My question is if the Heat dont win theNBA title this year, will those same folks say these additions werefailed experiments?

Da Realist:

:-) am i not allowed to actually do some WORK during the day? can't i be busy from time to time? should i stop debugging to respond to every email? :-)

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