Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Heaterz II - Heat Harder


The last comment you made is something I said to myself after all these whirlwind deals that have gone down this summer. Even though San Antonio is the odds-on favorite to win the title next season, we could see a lot of new faces (Bucks, Cavs, Warriors) becoming playoff teams and old faces (Nets) moving back into their conferences' upper echelon. The only moves that do not seem right with me are :

- The Lakers trading away Butler/Atkins for Kwame. Besides not having a true PG right now, Kwame has yet to realize his potential and appears to be emotionally unstable. I'm optimistic my boys will find a PG in time for theregular season but the jury is still out on Georgia's former favorite son

- Pat Riley napalming the Eastern Conference finalist team and bringing in combustible parts Jason Williams and Antoine Walker. Does it make sense to sign Toine to 52 mil, 6 yrs when you just gave Haslem 33 mil/6 yrs. I do not understand the logic. If the Walker and Williams play like their normal self, expect Shaq to be taking a lot of shots at folks in his post game interviews. We are about see if D Wade's game has improved upon last year's career year

- Joe Johnson asking to leave the Suns b/c he doesn't want to be the 3rd or4th option. Amazing that he basically came out and said this yet no one is burning him at the stake for one of the most selfish displays I've seen in some time. Let me get this right, a playoff contender offers you max moneyand you turn it down b/c you dont want to defer to anyone, so you decide one of the NBA's black holes is a better destination. Hope the cash will console you while you are losing

- Sixers giving Dalembert a near max deal. I know he's got "potential" and all but let him earn before you burn that cash Billy King. He's a career 7 ppg scorer. You know the Sixers have basically become the Warriors of the East (giving bad deals to a couple of players)

- Anyone giving Jerome James more than 1 mil per year. He's big, he's lazy,and he's barely scores more than 4 ppg. I would say he's a poor man's Benoit Benjamin but then I would be discrediting Benoit (and thats saying alot)

That's right, Waldini's going off again on everyone :-)

Da Realist:

You're crazier.

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