Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Heaterz III - Heat 'Till It Hurts

Gangsta D:

OK, how is the upcoming year not going to be intriguing?

Da Realist:


never mind me, i just can't get that excited about the nba season in august. right now, nothing intrigues me. shaq's old and miami doesn't seem to know what they are doing this offseason (antoine walker?). detroit loses their coach. phil is back in LA, but they won't annoy me for another couple of years. joe johnson is BEGGING to go to atlanta. da bulls are still a little too young to be serious contenders. and san antonio is still san antonio.

i'll be excited by next year's playoffs.

Gangsta D:

I suppose:

The reunion of Phil and Kobe = not intriguing
Can the Spurs repeat = not intriguing
Will the Heat improve = not intriguing
Will the loss of LB affect the Pistons = not intriguing
The Knicks hiring LB = not intriguing
The Warriors and Clips coming up like people expect them to = not intriguing
The potential rise of the Wiz and Bulls = not intriguing
The return of Artest = not intriguing
T-Mac and Yao with a year under their belt = not intriguing
SVG possible getting fired mid-season = not intriguing

Da Realist:

Right on all ten counts.


You forget realist is a "bitter young/old man" so he is not happy with today's NBA :-)

In addition:

The Nets possible resurgence = not intriguing
Will the Bucks improve with Simmons, Bogut, and Ford = Not intriguing

Da Realist:

And right on your 2 counts

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