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Rosen's at it again...he is straight clowning

Da Realist:

damn he's harsh. he would know better than i because i was just a kid, but...ewing and barkley? sure ewing was clumsy, but i know he put up a number of monster games. he was THE premier center of the east back then. and whether by jump shot or dunk, two points is two points.

and how can barkley be overrated? we all know he had unbelievable talent that he didn't get the most out of, but that doesn't mean he's overrated. that ni%%a was a BEAST! if phoenix played anyone else besides the chicago bulls in the '93 finals, everyone would be talking about how he led the suns to the championship.look up his stats for that series.

what do you guys think?


I'm with you on Barkely. He got more out of his body than most in NBA history. He pointed out Chuck's defensive deficiencies but what about his offensive game?? He could handle, pass, shoot, and rebound his a$$ off. In his prime (Sixers and Suns), Chuck B was a SUPERstar not star. It's not his fault that he played during the Jordan era. If that'93 Phoenix was placed in today's league, I guarantee you they be winning titles. PERIOD.

Now I have never been a big fan of Malone but to say he was overrated andthe main reason for his success was Stockton is absolute bull***. So ifMalone was faltering in one game, where was Stockton to pick up the slack?? Many journalists seem to praise Stockton for redefining his position but they are hands off when it comes to placing him on the same choke list as his fellow teammate. Malone was a beast on offense, plain and simple. He developed an unstoppable jumper and was a load inthe post. But at the end of the day, he was a choke artist.

Ewing, it's hard for me to bash him b/c he's aG'town alum. Plus I actually rooted for them during their infamous early 90s playoff battles againstChi-town. The only thing I think he got away with was his patented 4 step runner in the lane. But he could knock down a 16 footer and when inspired he played with some heart.

Hey Realist, I think you would have been heated at my barbershop lastweekend. One of the barbers said Scottie Pippen was one of the mostoverrated players of all time and didnt belong onthe NBA's top 50 list. Iwas like, you musta never saw Pip in his prime

Da Realist:

didn't pip come to houston for a year and left in away only terrell owens could love? didn't he blast charles barkley for being fat and houston's management for not knowing how to construct a championship team? i bet there is still some bitterness there.


Ironically when I brought that up, he didnt remember that. He just talked about his days in Chi-town. So there wasnt any Houston hate from that. It was just his opinion

Gangsta D:

Can't get to the article, but it seems like dude is saying if you didn't win a title you're overrated. They were dominant players who couldn't beat Jordan when it counted. There's no shame in that. People want to have it both ways. They call Jordan the greatest of all time, unstoppable in his prime. But they call the guys who couldn't beat him overrated? If they could beat him with any consistency, then he wouldn't be the greatest of all time...


Sadly, that is how people judge athletes. No matter the reason, if they don't win then championships, then they are seen as overrated. Think aboutthe Lakers before they won in this decade. I dont know how many times I heard Shaq or Kobe was overrated and the Big Fella would never win a title. Then they win and the tone changes to "Dammit I hate those cats but I respect them b/c they are winners"....Hypocrisy at its finest

Da Realist:

i agree that winning a title can't be the be all end all (or is it end all be all???). but you can't completely disregard the ability of a premier player leading his team to a championship. without this distinction, there would be no difference between michael jordan and dominique wilkins, hakeem olajuwan and patrick ewing, or kobe bryant and tracy mcgrady.


Oh never disregard. I still say Malone is a LOSER for not winning a title but I dont think he's overrated if you understand my point. All those players you listed below the difference between each set was desire and leadership abilities. Nique was never a leader and his only desire was to give highlight reel dunks. Ewing's issue was the leadership. If you remember those Knicks squads, Derek Harper and Pat Riley motivated those cats to victory. As for T-Mac, well you already know what I think (the 2005 1st rd flameout vs Dallas says it all)

The truly great players in this league have the ability to LEAD or will their teams to victory. For example, Jordan is a legendary leader. He scared the s*** out of so many of his teammates, cats definitely did not want to mess up in front of him.

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