Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Rix Hate & Comical Expectations

Da Realist:

i wonder how chris rix feels being the butt ofeveryone's jokes. maybe i should stop. he was only a kid, not a professional. i kinda feel bad for him.

Gangsta D:

Nah, when you're the QB at a top school you expect to be treated differently. If he was the QB of Central Florida Tech, it wouldn't matter. But FSU, you know going in you're gonna be on the hot seat. If you don't perform, you get fire roasted. Same thing with Brock. It comes with the territory...


I personally got a kick out of the LSU fan and Michigan fan, who both wrote in about restoring their respective teams to championship levels. Am I missing something here. Both schools have won 1 title a piece in the last50 years. Ok, maybe they are talking about their NCAA dynasty mode on PS2:-). Get ur people puhlease....

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