Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The 'U vs The Hokies

Da Realist:

i wished you lived a little closer. i'm going to find a way to get to this game in early november. something tells me this is going to be a classic.

Gangsta D:

If our O-line gets their head our of their arse and keep Kyle off theground, we'll be fine. We're starting to get there. Sinorice Moss looks to be over taking Ryan Moore as #1 WR. The defense is succeptible to big runs due to how we play man to man. But if we stop you on 1st down and you have to pass, you better be good cause the secondary is nasty. If we build on each week, I like our chances in Blacksburg.

Da Realist:

anything can happen. but at least on paper, this game has the potential to be something special. by nov. 5, miami will be all it's supposed to be. kyle wright should have enough seasoning to be effective. the o-line should have all the kinks worked out and everyone should know who the go-to receiver is. they'll have the motivation of last year's loss in the orange bowl.

virginia tech on the other hand will be playing at home, probably undefeated and possibly playing for a spot in the rose bowl. they, unlike fsu, are not intimidated by miami and everyone will want to see what marcus vick will do in the biggest game of his career. Da Wife's birthday is this saturday (oh yeah,HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!), and i'm going to try and surprise her with tickets. we'll see. in the meantime, i'm going to be in the uncomfortable position of hoping miami DOES NOT lose. how strange is this? if miami loses, the game loses much of it's luster. GO MIAMI (at least until nov. 5)!!!

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