Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Translators Needed

Da Realist:

if somebody don't strangle lou holtz, I WILL! does the college coaches corner REALLY need 4 guys analyzing games? kick lou off the set.

Gangsta D:

You have a serious hard on for the old guy. Give him some slack. He's bad but he's nowhere near as bad as Tim Hardaway was on ESPN a couple years back.


Good point. Timmy was a great trash talker (remember that Nike commercial) but he SUCKED as an TV analyst. Holtz is pretty bad though. Did you see the exchange btw him and Mark May when discussing why Penn St football was back? Lou made no sense

Da Realist:

first of all, no one can understand him. how in the hell he was as good a coach as he was still boggles me.

secondly, he loves EVERY coach and EVERY team! every coach is the greatest coach he's ever seen and every team is the best team in america.

lastly, he will make his (long-winded) points and then if someone dares to disagree with him, he will yell over the other guy, completely interrupting until he's had the last say. reminds me of my mom.

there can be too much of a good thing. espn needs to learn this. we don't need lou holtz or anyone else on the college coaches show. jim donnan and trevor mattich are good enough. we don't need nick lachay, desmond howard or rocket ishmail on the college gameday show. chris fowler, lee corso and kirk herbstreit are good enough. leave well enough alone.

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