Thursday, November 10, 2005

You Got A Couple Too?


Man, you just full of upsets this week. And what no love for the Big 10 this week? Northwestern at Ohio St is a big game :-)

FSU@Clemson - I think Bobby used his one conspiracy theory card last week when he let NC State beat him. This one is hard to call b/c for whatever reason, no matter how crappy they play prior, Clemson ALWAYS get up for the FSU game. I'm picking FSU not b/c I think they are much better, it's justb/c I dont think Bobby lets his boys drop 2 in a row. 'NOLES

USC@CAL - You dont think Leinart, Bush, White, and Co know this is the only game they have lost in 3 yrs! While I think the combo of Ayoob and Lynch is pretty good, I dont see USC dropping this one. I think they are literally foaming at the mouth and ready to unleash an good ole case of ass whupp into Cal. Neither team's defense is great and I dont see Cal holding USC below 31 points (which I said is the only way a team will beat USC).TROJANS

UF@South Cack - Ex coach vs old team. I want to know how in da hell did SC get Florida and Tenn at home this year??? Regardless, I dont think Florida pulls up lame like Tenn did a few weeks back and lose a game they should win. Ever since Alabama beat them like they stole something, Florida quietly has been getting it done. Urban at least had the intelligience to scrap some of the spread option for a more traditional offense. And thatmakes Leak D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S.GATORS

LSU@BAMA - Realist, I agree with you. LSU has more talent than any team inthe SEC. Yet did you check out the final score against lowly Appalachian Stat home last week?? Completely unacceptable. Alabma has been exceptionally lucky the past couple of weeks, mainly due to their great defense. I think this one's a low scoring affair (no better than mid-teens) but I dont expect Alabama's luck to continue. TIGERS

AUB@UGA - I read somewhere that Auburn has the the most productive offense in the SEC. Considering the offenses in the SEC have been unwatchable on occassion, that's not saying a lot. I think just having Shockley back motivates Ga to win. Plus they know if they lose this game, it gives Florida a shot at repping the SEC East in the SEC championship. U think Mark Richt is having that. As Stone Cold usa ta say, "Can I get a HELLNO!!" BULLDOGS

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