Thursday, November 10, 2005

Presictions Anyone?

Da Realist:

FSU AT CLEMSON - clemson is fighting for a bowl berth, needing just one win in their last 2 games to secure it. tommy bowden is fighting for his job...AGAIN. fsu on the other hand isn't really playing for anything because they've already secured their spot in the ACC championship game. sure, bobby's boys don't want to lose 2 straight with florida and possibly miami coming up, but realistically they don't care if they play just one more great game all season as long as it's in the ACC Championship game. take notice playoff supporters. the rest of fsu's season will be a good outlook for teams that know they've secured a spot in a playoff, if we had one. fsu is a hurt and injured team that will be more inclined to rest than to push the pedal to the metal for a meaningless game. leon washington will sit out another game and his "replacement" lorenzo booker just came off an astounding 15 yards on 12 carries last week against nc state. add into that mix the fact that clemson's coach is bobby's oldest son who desperately needs a win. add a pinch of the fact that fsu can't (or won't) run the ball to set up the play action and 2 parts overrated defense and you have a recipe for a loss. CLEMSON

USC AT CALIFORNIA - the trojan's last loss was to california at berkley two years ago. cal is not afraid of usc after beating them 2 years ago and coming close last year. on the other hand, the trojan's will be extra motivated to beat a surprisingly mediocre team convincingly so they don't have to keep hearing about them. usc big. USC

FLORIDA AT SOUTH CAROLINA - on paper, florida has every edge. even with all the injuries, the gators should win this game. but i have a feeling they are about to walk into a buzzsaw in columbia. i've seen enough of steve spurrier to believe he will have a few things cooked up just for the gators. does he have the players to pull it off? more importantly, do his players BELIEVE they can pull it off? the win against tennessee was huge for them because they now believe they can play with the big boys. they'll be tough at home, but florida just has too many good atheletes and too much to play for (SEC East is stillwithin their grasp) to lose this game. FLORIDA

LSU AT ALABAMA - everybody seems to agree that lsu has THE MOST TALENT IN THE SEC. they have the better athletes and the better playmakers. but they don't always play to their potential. if they did, they would be #2 team in the country. sometimes i think lsu has more talent than les miles knows what to do with. remember he came from oklahoma state, clearly the state's #2 team. now he's at the dominant school in talent-rich louisiana and it certainly looks like an adjustment on his part. so, at least for this year, let's forget about potential. if you look at the performance on the field, it's been sort of up and down. they beat arizona state on the road on the last play (up), then lost to a tennessee at home after being up 21 (down), then beat a struggling florida team at home even after coughing up the ball 5 times(ehhh) then beat auburn at home after auburn missed 5 or 6 field goals (ehhh). they've won as much for the other teams blunders as their own play. alabama on the other hand has a few "lucky" games themselves, most notably a tennessee fumble recovery that stopped the vols from winning the game. but all week alabama has heard about their eventual demise. now that virginia tech was exposed everyone thinks the bcs iss afe from controversy, forgetting the fact that no one has beaten the tide yet. they've heard how one-loss miami and penn state should be ranked ahead of them. how there's no way they will win without prothro. this will provide all the motivation they need to beat lsu at home this week. stout defense and just enough offense will help them get the win. ALABAMA

AUBURN AT GEORGIA - if georgia had trouble stopping mcfadden from arkansas, they will have an even harder time with kenny irons. he may just be the best back in the SEc. who knows how healthy shockley really is? is he healthy enough to dance around the pocket or possibly pick up some yards? will richt hold back offensively? georgia has a lot to play for, but so does auburn. they missed an opportunity for a big road win against lsu, they won't miss this one. auburn wins and sets up a juicy iron bowl next week for the SEC West crown. AUBURN

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