Friday, February 23, 2007

Whitlocking Is The New Bojangling

Da Realist:

I wonder if detective tyson will unearth another discrepancy.

jason's latest aol article


Somewhere Mike Lupica and Scoop Jackson are smilin and toasting one another.

Gangsta D:

That dude's officially a joke now. Apparently when he had a radio show he would take a stance on the radio show then take the opposite stance in his KC column. I never thought I could dislike someone who hated Lupica:)

Da Realist:

That negro was on a short leash ever since he said something about 'the playmaker'. :-D he would've been found in the east river had he said something about kobe.


Nah, Kobe and Mike are easy targets so I usually ignore it. But dude dismissively brushed me off when I emailed him so he now gets the asshairs.

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