Friday, February 23, 2007

Yeah You!!

Anyone that knows me knows that I hate Mike Lupica. I hate Lupica like chicks hate yeast infections, like Bush cultists hate reason, like Tom Cruise hates clams. So in (dis)honor of The Waterboy, I’ve decided to create a new award. The Mike Lupica Fuckhead of the Week Award. This won’t necessarily be a sports related person, just someone who typifies what a fuckhead is all about…you know someone like Lupica. The winner of the Inaguraul award is Adam "Pacman" Jones.

1. He took a trash bag filled with $81,000 in singles to a strip club. Nothing good can ever come from taking $81,000 to a strip club. People with a strong concept of sanity realize this is an unassailable point.
2. He makes it rain, but is for some reason perplexed when the dancers want to keep the money.
Imagine that. You drop $81,000 in a room full of women that are about making as much money as they can, and they wanna keep it. Stupid chicks!
3. He started fighting with the dancers! Huh?

4. Pacman was either mad high that night, is an idiot, or is bi-polar.
5. He and Chris Henry are the Butch Cassidy and Sundance of the NFL. Where did they both go to college? West Virginia. Yet Miami is still considered to be Thug U. Damn skippy I'm bitter.

For these transgressions, Mr. Jones, you are a fuckhead.

p.s. The winner was between Jason Whitlock and Pacman, but I have a feeling Whitlock is gonna make a fool of himself again in the near future. He’ll have plenty of opportunities to win. Pacman, if he has a brain in his head, will LAY LOW for a while.

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