Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Deng It!

Gangsta D:

This may shock a certain resident of Virginia, and avid Bulls fan. But I genuinely like the Bulls. And not because they're pistol whipping the Heat. I've liked them for a couple years now. They're athletic, can shoot, and have some of the better young players in the game. If they win the title, will I do backflips? Not likely. But I'll be OK with it.

The Lakers. What can I say. We got treated like that little girl that get hit by the train on Banned From TV. Changes must be made. Jerry buss can't be concerned about the luxury tax. If the team wins another title, he's coming out the other end smelling just fine. Garnett? Would be nice, but don't know how the salaries work. Jermaine O'Neal? Maybe, but he's unreliable. Smush is gone, or demoted at the very least. Mitch Kupchak's gotta earn his paycheck now. Maybe a blockbuster deal to get the #2 draft pick. That's something Jerry West would do, but I don't know if Mitch has the balls. Kobe's got 3-5 more peak years. After that, he becomes a very good complimentary player. Ughhh. I don't know....


Man that game was crazy too. Close at halftime, then Gordon/Deng aka class of '04 just wen bezerk in the 2nd half. I'm pulling for the Bulls too but not b/c of my disdain for the Heat. I like Hinrich and Gordon. But for whatever reason when it comes to the playoffs, they just falter. Let's hope they put it 2gether this postseason and advance

Lakers - no comment. Series is over...start the rebuild

Nets-Raps - Big 3 aint laying down like that again

Da Realist:

the heat are done. let's all give a round of applause for their short year as nba champions. now if somebody can knock off the pistons... i don't want another pistons loss on my record.

i don't know what to tell you about the lakers. what you really need is something that's going to take a while to get. you need a star, a 2nd banana and a utility player. you have the star (kobe) and the utility player (odom), but no 2nd banana. any 2nd banana you could get would cost you odom (and possibly more). and you need all 3 to win a title.

a utility player can be one person if he's good enough (robert parish, james worthy, horace grant) or a combination of good players (robert horry/rick fox, sam cassell/mario elie, dennis rodman/vinnie johnson).

jermaine o'neal is a good starting point, but you'll probably have to give up odom and bynum then start to accumulate the other piece or pieces. this will take time. will kobe still be in his prime or just off it?

if you could get garnett and convert him to a "david robinson" type player, that would be a good start too.


Dont'chu feel like this decade is starting to mirror the 70s. Dominant teams at the beginning (Knicks/Celtics/Lakers vs Spurs/Lakers) then a bunch one trick ponies at the end (Warriors/Sonics/Bullets/Blazers vs Pistons/Heat/?)? If either phx or Dal wins it this yr, it will be official. We are moving back to the one and done deals.

Funny when the Pistons one, everyone jumped on the "team play is back" bandwagon, yet they have one title to show for all their efforts

Gangsta D:

For all we know, the cavs could win it all. Nobody is safe and everybody has a shot.

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