Friday, June 08, 2007

Old School Friday - Ooooh Yeahhhh Edition

The original bad boys. You know them. You love them. You were maybe even freeked by them. Yep I'm talking about Jodeci. The Mad Band. And really, maybe the last great R&B group. Say what you want, but these guys were talented. Two classic albums and a very good one? That's one fine pedigree if you ask me.

Freek 'N You

The 1st day of sophomore year my roommate played this album on a loop for the ENTIRE day. Thanks Samario! I haven't been able to get this song out of my head for the last 12 years. lol DEVANTE SING!!!

Forever My Lady

"So you're having my baby." The jumpoff. They looked so clean clut dressed in all white. I was never a big fan of shorts and combat boots, though.

Love You For Life

Ahh, black love. How can you not love this video? Just take a gander at T-Boz, before she got sullied by Mack 10. But, I still don't know what the fuck was up with Devante's hair. That thing scares the shit out of me to this day.


Diary Of A Mad Band. This album and Doggystyle comprised the soundtrack to 12th grade. Feenin kind of speaks for itself.

Come And Talk To Me

The original or the remix? This argument seperated fans into the Jets and the Sharks. But come on. You gotta go with the remix. Don't ya?

Get On Up

Ain't nothing but a party ya'll. Nice change up from the freeky boys. Seriously a great feel good song and video. Plus it was shot in black & white. Chuuuuch...

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