Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Results Are In


For everybody and dey mama saying they wanted to see Lebron in the Finals, it sure didnt translate into anything.

Da Realist:

The nba has a problem. somebody much smarter than you and i better figure it out before we see these games on tape delay.

Do you think the nba has spread itself too thin? what if they knocked off 2 or 3 teams? the quality level of the nba would go through the roof plus teams would get to play 5 or 6 times a year instead of just 4. each team may not have the stability of their players due to free agency but we still may get a chance to go back to those LOADED teams from the 80's.

no way does stern ok this, but i think it would be a great idea.


Yea adding the Hornets, T-Wolves, Raptors, Grizzlies, Magic, Heat, Bobcats in the past 20 yrs has saturated the market. And that's tough to fathom considering the Heat and Magic have both reached the NBA Finals. But knocking off a few teams would only solve part of the problem. The other problem is lack of fundamentals. There are too many young players focused on their offensive games (and certain parts at that) and not on expanding other areas. These problems can be corrected but it will take a collective group of people to "fix" the problem at all levels, not just the pros

Oh yea, you heard Stern is thinking of expanding internationally right?

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