Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm Getting Too Old For This....


If this had taken place in 2001 as planned, I might have actually chipped in some money at someone's fight party to watch this (notice I didnt say I would pay 100% for this).

Felix Trinidad doesn't speak English so well, yet made his position very clear.

Only one fighter could lure him from retirement: Roy Jones Jr.
But now, I just wish both would stay retired and enjoy the fights like me. Funny how Roy's talking smack about the recent Mayweather-DeLaHoya and Hopkins-Wright fights but I guarantee this fight wont make as much moolah as those two.

Gangsta D:

Negroes are always too late to the party:) Nobody cares about Tito or Roy anymore. In 2000-2001? Fight of the Decade material. Now? I'll catch the highlights on youtube.


What does that say about boxing when this is going to be promoted as one of the major fights in 2008???

Gangsta D:

It says that boxing is brain dead and somebody needs to pull the plug:)

What I don't understand is why doesn't a promoter take some kid off the street, train him to fight, develop an outlandish personality, make up a crazy backstory, and push him on the public. It's such an immoral, unethical idea I can't believe no one in boxing has done it yet:)

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