Friday, August 10, 2007

Old School Friday - 10th Grade Edition

10th grade. 10th EFFIN' grade. From the fall of 1991 to the Summer of 1992, some of the best music of my lifetime was created. Mary J Blige, Kriss Kross, Das Efx, Jodeci, Cypress Hill, Arrested Development, Fu-Schnickens, Pac, Snoop, Black Sheep, and TLC all debuted that school year. Plus you can't forget classic albums from established artists like Low End Theory, Death Certificate, Efil4Zaggin, Daily Operation, and We Can't Be Stopped. Seriously. Are you shitting me? I hate to get all nostalgic, but they just don't do it like that anymore.

There was so much material to choose from, I had to split them into two seperate posts. Part two comes next week.

Luke - I Wanna Rock

If you grew up in the south, Uncle Luke was like a real uncle. He took care of you. Exposed you to the seedy shit, your pops wouldn't dare to. Let you feel a stripper's ass. You know, the kind of things an impressionable kid needs to experience. When Luke hit us off with this joint, it was like getting a Super Nintendo for Christmas. God bless Luke, everyone.

MJ - In The Closet

"She wants to get it. Ahh she wants to get it." This is Mike's most heterosexual video, and he still came off mad gay. Damn it. He just can't win for losing. Oh well, Naomi classes up the joint with her requisite sexy, and Mike gives us much attitude. Not the best MJ video of all time, but I appreciate the effort.

Das Efx - Mic Checka

Riggedy row! Riggedy row! In retrospect Das Efx may have been a little silly with the nonsensical lyrics and pop cultural references, but this track was still bumping. "See I am the boogie banger like Esiason's the Boomer." That really makes no sense, but does it matter? Yeah, didn't think so.

A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (We Got)

Come on, it's Tribe. Just classic material that I couldn't get enough of. You remember when you could watch a whole two hours of Rap City and not turn the channel? Well that used to be me, waiting for this video to play.

Ice Cube - Steady Mobbin'

"But Ice Cube had more amps. Get in bitch." Oh man, I bumped this album a lot. A LOT. My mom drove me over 30 miles for the express purpose of buying this album. Good God, was it worth it. Cube came out swinging and let EVERYBODY have it. Fun times, man. Fun times.

Geto Boys - Mind's Playing Tricks On Me

Willie D wrote a song called "Ball Headed Hoes." I always thought that was the funniest song title ever, and I gained mucho respect for William. That has nothing to do with this video, but I just thought it needed to be said. At any rate, this song is just beyond classic. If there's a better storyteller than Scarface, please point him out.

Shabba Ranks - Ting A-ling

Shabba or Flav? Who's the ugliest black man to ever (dis)grace your tv? It's like deciding between free rum and free vodka. You really can't go wrong either way. Anyhoo. Even though Shabba was aesthetically brutal, he really was running shit back in the day. I defy you to watch this video and stay in your seat. This song makes you want to get up and grind on SOMETHING:)

Naughty By Nature - Everything's Gonna Be Alright

"Stay The Fuck Out Of The Ghetto."
True dat, Treach. True dat. On another note. I have two machetes that are about as big as Treach's. But I live in the country. You never know what varmints you'll need to dispatch on a given day. But why would you need that in the projects? That's just gully for the sake of being gully.


stopmikelupica said...

NxN's best song, by far. Though the Uptown Anthem is a very close second.

But if I'm going to comment on anything, it's that I still miss Shabba, even if no one knows what he's saying. Mr. Loverman, from the great Juice soundtrack, is still in heavy rotation on my iPod. I know he made a mini-comeback earlier this year on the remix of an Akon song, but that's hardly enough to satisfy my Shabba craving....

Gangsta D said...

Shabba made a comeback?!? Nobody told me! If I'd known, I definitely would've copped it. Cats don't realize how dope this dude is.

Etalon said...

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