Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up


College Football - 'SC loses at home to a backup QB and a team favored to lose by 41pts, Clemson starts it's mid-season meltdown earlier than usual, Miles bucks his normal trend and doesnt choke a big game, ND fans finally cut the noose from the ceiling, and Realist and my teams' return to the top 25. This season has been absolutely crazy.....

Pro Football - My Titans continue to surprise despite a HORRIBLE offensive performance, the Bears bring Old Man Favre back to Earth, the Chargers finally play like a team that is supposed to be a SB contender, the Colts continue to roll with 5 starters out, and the Pats look like they are going to continue to whup people's a$$es.

MLB - 3 of the 4 divisionals are over. As Kenny Smith would say the Cubs, Phillies, and Angels are all going fishin :-). And the Yanks were fortunate enough to win Game 4. You peep George's comments about Torre. Pretty cold blooded....Any way, who would believe two expansion teams (Rockies, Diamondbacks) would be playing for the right to advance to the World Series?

(Update: Yanks are officially yanking pole as well)

NASCAR - Jeff Gordon aka Speed Racer won in Talledega over the wknd, giving him the the Nextel Cup lead. Can he make it 6 victories? Do you cats even care :-)?

Hockey - Again do you care :-)? the season did kick off last Thursday

Gangsta D:

I swear I thought I was watching a repeat of the Miami-UNC game last night. Only thing, Romo threw 5 picks instead of Kyle Wright's 4. My God were those brutal games. Last night, I couldn't sleep for almost two hours after the game ended. The Pats are a far better team, and we better tighten a whole bunch of ish up by Sunday.

Poor Joe Torre. Just couldn't win that FIFTH World Series for King George. Think there aren't about 10 GMs finishing off "You're fired" memos right now?

Neither one of us is Kenya, so no we don't care about NASCAR.

Here about Garnet totally ignoring the T-Wolves during a practice session over the weekend? Damn that's cold. The Basketball Gods may frown on the Big Ticket.

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